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Blending wellness coaching and mental skills training I will help you in your pursuit of progress, wellbeing, and connection. I leverage the mental skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience to improve habits that are essential to wellbeing such as sleep, physical activity, diet, and relationships.

I have a PhD in kinesiology and am a certified health coach. My experiences include working with military, athletes, founders, building out human performance teams, and I have competed in multiple sports at a high level. Through experience I have come to understand how refining thoughts and behaviors in your personal life leads to transferred success in your professional one.

I utilize a holistic approach and evidence-based practices to empower you to be self-reflective, set achievable goals, and take the necessary steps to reach them. Through deep listening and meaningful conversations, I act as your sounding board providing support and accountability. My coaching style is tailored to you, as every client’s personal development journey is unique.


We’ll explore your ambitions, unpack motivations, and experiment with changes in mind and body for your success. Clarity and perspective provide the foundation to create changes that are purposeful and lasting. I support you in crafting and realizing your vision.

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