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Operate From Principle

Principle: Operate from principle

Clarity: Acting from principle is self-regulation. Our principles and values hold us accountable to who we say we are. Is the way you identify yourself consistent with your actions, and are those consistent with your principles? What about the goals you intend to achieve? For example, if you believe money is the root of evil, it is unlikely you will become wealthy with an excess of it (unless you also believe you’re a bad person).

Principles also keep us consistent on the days we’re more inclined to act based on how we feel. We’ve all said yes when we were happy, no when we were upset, or yelled because we were angry. Emotions are fleeting, but impactful. In retrospect, there could have been a more level-headed decision that could have been made. Our principles keep us steady in times when emotions try to take us over and when life happens. We develop them with a clear mind and careful thought. Our principles are made logically, but what we are passionate about, that emotional piece, is what drives them. Operate from a space that is consistent with you staying true to what you believe. Principles are just making those beliefs concrete.

Challenge: Some of my core principles are ‘do what you say you’re going to do’, ‘success is happiness and progress’, and loyalty. Notice, that they can take any form. Consider what some of your principles are, or even just one and write them down. Is it consistent with how you act, how you engage with others, and most importantly how you talk to yourself?


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