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Intentional Prep

Principle: Intentional Preparation

Clarity: Last week we discussed goal-orientation. It was not so much about goal setting, but staying committed to and consistent with your goals to achieve them faster. I wanted to build on that this week through intentional preparation. Remember this applies in all performance areas and settings: human, professional, athletics, military, and everything in between.

With that in mind, what percentage of your work is physical and what percentage is mental? Now consider your preparation. Do the percentages of your work match the percentages of your preparation? If not, why? How can we practice more like we play?

Challenge: To do better. Yeah, I know it is subjective and does not have the qualities of a SMART goal, but challenge yourself to do better. At times that can be enough to get us motivated. Maybe think back to human performance, or something more specific to your area of performance. Pick one thing and start there.


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