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Human Performance First

Principle: Human Performance precedes any other

Clarity: To perform optimally as an athlete, coach, student, musician, artist, business profession, or anything else, we have to take care of our being. Currently self-care is a hot topic, but to fully engage in those activities we do for our mind to release, we still have to take care of the vessel. By vessel, I mean the cavity you live within. Our body needs six essentials to perform optimally. I use 'mind your 6' as a gentle reminder to be mindful of, or watch your own back. These six components of human performance are respiration, hydration, nutrition, sleep, movement, and time outside. Readying your six prepares the body for any mental or physical task we may encounter. Tend to these before self-care and surely before engaging in the work of your livelihood. Your body will better take care of you the better you take care of it. Improving our performance as humans first, raises the basement and ceiling of how well we can do. So breathe better, drink more, eat intentionally, sleep more, move some, and go outside.

Challenge: I'm not going to give you the recommended amounts of each of these, you can google it. I do, however, want to offer a place to start. In my opinion, if you know you have room to improve, then just more is better and for today more can be enough.

The challenge is to prioritize one of the six. On a sheet of paper prioritize the six different areas (1-6) based on their importance to you, then prioritize them again based on what area you are most likely to make a change in. Take the highest ranked of the combined lists and commit there. Some examples are buying a water bottle that you like (hydration), turning off screens sooner before bed (sleep), or adding spinach under your rice (nutrition). Remember changes can be beneficial in quality or quantity.

Email me what change you make!


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