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Goal Orientation

Principle: Be Goal-Oriented

Clarity: Having a goal, or goals is the first step. We'll delve into ways to more effectively design goals soon, but for now consider a goal to be any task you want to complete whether sooner or long term. A goal-oriented approach ensures we are driven towards and moving to achieve it quickly. This focused approach makes it so we can answer with confidence 'why am I doing this?' or 'how does this get me closer toward what I want?'. The emphasis lies with approaching your activities with intent, consistently. In today's society focus is the new currency, whether that is toward your own goals, or needing it from others to grow your brand. Either way, how long can you focus? The longer we can sustain, the further we can go faster. So if you want something, be about that thing, in thought and action. Not being consumed by it, but committed to it. And re-commit every day.

Challenge: Tweak something your day to make yourself more goal-oriented. Maybe you add, adjust, or even just remove something that is not progressing you.

Get after it!


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