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And We're Back

Before the getting into this week’s topic, I want to update you on the new format, whether you’re a new subscriber, or if you’ve been patiently hanging during the lapse.

First, a re-introduction: is prided on pairing self-reflection and action as avenues of happiness and progress. Clarity increases our capacity to change and subsequently, become better. It is knowing where we are and where we're going.

Moving forward: Every Sunday I’ll offer clarity on a different topic or question through my own insights and principles. Everything I’ll share comes from science-backed literature, my experience as an athlete, my experience working within the human and integrative performance field, or my experience as a human being.

Each week we’ll have a topic or question of interest, some clarity on it, and ways for you to challenge yourself the upcoming week. I’ll offer perspective to expand your current thinking and provide actionable steps for progress. In sport and performance psychology there are many approaches to change and these brief reads won’t cover all the specifics. This platform is mine and yours (hence, .us). So, shoot me an email at with topics and questions you want to share or would like me to talk about.

So let’s jump in, well back in.

Question: How can I progress toward my goals?

Clarity: Up to this point we’ve been emphasizing awareness and identity. Awareness empowers us to change. Identity lets us know where we are, or more importantly who we are in our process. Though there are so many aspects of identity, we can reduce it down to four parts. These four make up all of our behaviors and habits:

Who we say we are (how we identify ourselves)

What we do and say (action)

What and how we think (thought)

What and why we feel (emotion)

Just as our behavior and habits are crucial, so are the frequency, intensity, intention of both. Frequency emphasizes how often. Intensity describes how much energy we’re investing. Lastly, intention addresses the thought and purpose behind our choices.

We can improve awareness of our behaviors and habits by making note of the frequency, intensity, and intention of each. So if we have our goal, are we taking a goal-oriented approach? We said we wanted it, but how often are we doing what we say (action)? Are we brainstorming on different ways to get there (thought)? How are we responding to emotion? As fuel or using it as an excuse because we don’t feel like it?

When we want something, but are not making or taking the steps to get there, we won’t ever get it. Like you can’t expect to brush your teeth without picking up your toothbrush. Working toward our goal has to be intentional, just as each choice should be.

No, I am not saying to be consumed by your goals in an unhealthy manner, but dig in and commit to them. Consider what percentage of your time do you dedicate towards your goal, the thing that you want? Yeah, go harder.

Challenge: Write down one of your goals. Then write down what you have done in the last week to make progress toward it. In frequency, intensity, or intention make an adjustment to do more.

I appreciate you joining me on this Sunday as you wind down or Monday morning preparing to get after it. I am keeping them short and sweet. Be sure to email me to share thoughts, questions, or topics you want to cover at


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