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Hey, I'm Mo

Thank you for you interest in MYCP ("my-cee-pee") and I am thrilled to be part of your process. I created MYCP to share insights useful to everyone no matter the stage of their personal development journey. Inspiration for the blogs are drawn from my experiences as a human,  performer, and other performers I have been fortunate enough to work alongside. 

MYCP is a place for individuals ready to be better, so I think you'll find what you're looking for. 

- Mo

A little more about me

Originally, I am from Philly. I played collegiate basketball at the Division I and II level. While completing my bachelor's degree I honed my passion for improving performance training elite level youth tennis, coaching girls basketball camps nation-wide, and gaining personal training experience. Following graduation I spent a year in Charlotte learning U.S. Army sniper mental and physical training techniques where I developed a passion for understanding the role of the mind in performance. In 2017 I moved to Auburn, AL to join Team USA as a member of the Women's National Handball Team. Currently, I still reside in Auburn completing my Ph.D. in the School of Kinesiology, serving as the Director of Auburn University Army ROTC Performance Optimization Team, and providing human performance consulting to a broad range of performers. My current research examines the process of behavior change through thought and action as it applies to well-being and performance, or simply human performance. Some of my other experiences and certifications include registered yoga teacher (RYT), strength and conditioning (CSCS), returning to elite-level play following injury. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate. Let's connect.