What is it?

clarity: clearness as to perception or understanding; freedom from ambiguity.

My Clarity Project is a guide to support personal development through behavior change. Each entry is written to increase awareness through challenging your current perspective. Raising awareness, we increase our capacity for change and subsequently, our ability to become better. Clarity is the insight of knowing where we are and where we're going. Empowered, we control the narrative manifesting what we want from this world.

Who's is it?

mine & yours

MyClarityProject.us is ours. Hence, the domain name dot us (.us). Each of us, on our journey, are creating clarity and this looks different for all us. That does not mean we have to do it alone. My clarity project is an open forum dedicated to happiness and progress. My intention is for you to take these tidbits and make them your own. Then, pass them forward to someone else that can utilize them. We're all beings, here to be better.

When is it?

whenever you're ready

My clarity project is updated often with new information, challenges, and insights. Feel free to connect with me for topic suggestions, or things you'd like to delve deeper into. Be sure to subscribe to receive new entries as they are posted.